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Green Bag

By putting the ‘life cycle glasses’ on and learning about best practices in waste management and sustainable material use in Sweden and around the world, together with a Belarusian environmental NGO Ecohome we fought the notorious plastic bag by means of creativity and co-creation.

Look in your trash bin. Do you see garbage? We see thousands of gadgets and amusing costumes that can save you on an island!

One of the designers working in Poplin, an ecological clothing store, showed us a collection of vegan shoes and explained the aspects of the shop’s environmental and social responsibility.

We looked at possible solutions for plastic pollution, both cleaning-up and preventive, and then visited Stadsmission REMAKE, a business model around creation of recycle design items that gives work to unemployed.

Listening about the collaborative work in the Baltic Region from the Swedish Institute.

Journey around the world in 1 hour – we were at Impact Hub Stockholm, a co-working space for social entrepreneurs, where we had 3 Skype sessions with bright minds from around the world – from Shanghai to South of Sweden.

The colour sorting recycling station in Eskilstuna. Have you been in this town?


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