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Change Kenya

The aim of the project #IchangeKenya is to raise awareness among Kenyan youth about current environmental problems and encourage them to share problem solutions by creating of stories, photos and videos and posting them on social media.

With the help of social media, It's been reached over 121 000 individuals in Kenya with information about the project and the final exhibition in Nairobi. During the length of the project, we received over 150 content submissions, which was qualified for the project.

28 content submissions were selected to be presented at the final exhibition in Nairobi. The selection was made by the board, consistent of members of Global Playground and SI Alumni Network Kenya. These 28 pictures covered everything from recycling, energy and nature conservation to gender equality.

The 1st prize winner:

Photo by Author King David Mbuthia -

"Solar energy is one of the affordable cheap and a reliable source of power/light in our society today.

It is mostly preferable in slum areas where other sources of energy tends to be costly and unreliable due to poor management and infrastructure.The picture has really inspired many globally she uses the light to do her School Work".


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