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Swedish And Ukraine Youth

This project was a collaboration between Global Playground Stockholm and the Ukrainian Ecoclub

Green Wave with the aim to build an international network for youth in the field of democracy, peace

and sustainable development in Sweden and Ukraine with a deep understanding of local contexts. The

project goal was to:

  • establish a collaboration between two non-governmental NGO:s  to share knowledge and experience on how youth NGO:s are working to generate a long-term change in the local community.

  • transfer the Swedish knowledge and expertise in the field of sustainable, socio-political and economic development to inspire the Ukrainian NGO in their efforts to transform the local community.

  • In March 2015, two members of Global Playground Stockholm travelled to Kiev to meet representatives from several civil society NGO:s working in the field of democracy, civil rights, environmental and animal protection, energy and urban city planning(bicycle infrastructure and urban gardening). In June 2016, four members of Ukrainian Ecoclub Green Wave travelled to Stockholm to meet with representatives from various organizations, municipalities, government agencies and businesses for inspiration inthier future work.

  • This project has resulted in a greater understanding of the differences between the countries when it comes to engaging youth and creating a long-term change in the local society.  This project resulted in a long-term network between the two NGO:s for the future cooperation.


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