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Tour Into Swedish Sustainable Lifestyle

A Collaboration Between Global Playground Stockholm and Ecohome, Minsk

Our Swedish NGO Global Playground Stockholm organized an international project that is called “Tour into Swedish Sustainable Lifestyle”. This is an initiative of Global Playground that was sponsored by LSU. This initiative was organized for young Belarusian activists from the NGO Ecohome.

day 1    Introduction to the project and Sustainable Transportation


The 1st day started with the meeting with Markus Boman - Program Manager at Talent Mobility Unit of the Swedish Institute. Later on there was a presentation about sustainable urban transportation made by one of Global Playground friends – an expert in this area. A happy face of Edgard Dias Batista who gets also his small present from Belarusian team after his presentation on transportation. We didn't forget about having fun as well: we went to a retro style jazz club on Monday.

day 2   Uppsala – Renewable Energy


On Tuesday we arrived to Uppsala to learn about sustainable energy by visiting a wind power station.

In the evening we returned back to Stockholm and visited Fotografiska. The exhibition there provided a social aspect of economical and political problems in Africa.

day 3    Waste Management


The new day we started with a new project, which was aimed to show Swedish practices of recycling. Our friend Zhenya who made research on this issue at the Royal Institute of Technology/KTH helped us with this. Later on Aliaksandra told us about sustainability practices of Swedish beauty company Oriflames.

day 4    Sustainable Urban Development


A new project day took us to Hammarby Sjöstad - a still developing residential area in Stockholm that implemented principles of ecological sustainability in its design, organization and functioning.

The visit followed a trip to the sea town Marinstaden that sparkled curiosity. Residential areas with houses there are built on the water. After this we were visiting Sweco, a Swedish consulting company

in the fields of construction, architecture and environmental engineering. Our friend Iulia told us about sustainable energy use. We looked at the example of geothermal energy usage by households.

day 5    Sustainable Lifestyle


Our last project day during which we have visited a small but very distinct fashion company called Uniforms for the Dedicated. These guys work not just on creation of clothes, but elaborate

philosophical approach to this process. Uniforms for the Dedicated combined fashion design with ecological consciousness and care about environment. The team works with natural and

recyclable materials. We were exploring the company’s office. Everything is very simple, but creative atmosphere is just there.

Our 5 day trip to sustainability in Sweden is coming to its end. And of course it’s important to share information with public about what we did and who we are. Swedish Radio helped us with it.


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