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Urban Focus

The aim of the project is to create an international working network-platform for the future mutual cooperation between NGO Minsk Urban Platform and NGO Global Playground Stockholm in the field of

sustainable urban development.


This project is a pre-study for the main project and the idea is to attain inspiration, share ideas and establish a common vision for the future project involving both NGOs.

As a part of the project we visited Royal Sea Port, a green district that is being transformed from an

industrial zone to the largest sustainable redeveloped area in Stockholm.

Presentation about Hammarby Sjöstad Visiting Färgfabriken - Center for Contemporary Art

and Architecture where we met Daniel Urey who told us about their different international projects. 

In Minsk we visited Osmolovka, a threatened district in central Minsk. There are plans to demolish this

district which is very important for locals. There is a lot of history, culture and memories connected to thearea. Lorentz Tovatt from Swedish youth Green Party told us about Stockholm City Planning from polical point of view.


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