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Urban Spaces

Project for Urban Spaces addresses the remote and deprived areas in Belarus, both rural and urban, by supporting local community initiatives in designing and building common spaces which will become centers(and clusters) of local economic and social activities. The project takes place in Barysau, Belarus.

Global Playground Stockholm runs this project in cooperation with SCDC, a non-profit NGO based in Barysau and Minsk. The project started with a pre-study in order to understand the local communities and prepare for the next stage of the project.

Global Playground Stockholm visited the project team in Barysau and Minsk during 3 days. The study-visit consisted of visiting local communities and meet local NGOs working with space building. SCDS, visited Stockholm during 3 days and meet local activists, NGOs and municipality representatives. The ambition was to show examples of bottom-up initiatives that can be adopted and replicated in Belarus.


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